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Chief Executive Transition Announcement

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Chief Executive Officer of Unity Bank, Mark Genovese, has announced that after 17 years of service he would be stepping down at the end of April. During his tenure, Mark has overseen the development of one of Australia’s most successful and innovative Member Owned Banks. 

Unity Bank’s Chair, Mick Doleman, said “Mark has led our organisation with great passion and a genuine care for our Members and staff. He has overseen the transformation of our Bank which has included several mergers and changing our name from a Credit Union to a Member Owned Bank. In addition, Mark played a key role in the introduction of the first regionally based “Tech Hub” in Bathurst, along with a community owned “Start-Up Incubator (Upstairs)”, which is also located in our premises at Bathurst. 

Mark has made a significant contribution to the broader Member Owned banking sector, serving as a Director of Cuscal and participating in several industry initiatives, including what was the first ever collaborative capital raising by credit unions”.

Mark said “it has been an honour and privilege to serve our Members and I hope that my team and I have been able to make our Members’ lives a little better through our efforts in assisting them with their financial needs. I have been extremely lucky to have been able to work with a tremendous team of staff and Directors who share my belief in looking after the best interest of Members at all times. In particular, I would like to thank the two Chairs I have served during my time at Unity Bank, firstly John Coombs, who always encouraged and supported me, and my current Chair, Mick Doleman, who is an inspiration to all and is someone that my team and I have great respect for”.

Chair Doleman, advised that Mark and the Board have agreed on a Transitional Plan that will provide the Board with sufficient time to appoint a successor with a smooth and effective transition.


Mick Doleman

Chair, Unity Bank